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Unregistered Event, 4.12.-6.12.09 Paris

Dear IDSF Members,

Please be so kind and be informed about the following unregistered event:

WDC Amateur League Open Amateur World Championships - Paris
The 2009 WDC Amateur League Open Amateur World Championships scheduled to be held at Paris, Euro Disney, France on December 4-6, 2009, is not granted by IDSF and is not registered by the IDSF Member for France, Comite National de Danse Sportive (CNDS). Accordingly the IDSF Presidium may take action against any athlete, adjudicator or other official, person or body associated with IDSF or an IDSF Member, who participates in this competition in any way, without any further notice to any of them.

Marco Sietas

IDSF General Secretary

GÖTZ Hermann, HG / 03.12.2009
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