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IDSF Grand Slam Chengdu, China

Es erreichte uns nachfolgende Meldung:

The IDSF Grand Slam Latin which is schedule on IDSF website on 2 July 2011 in Chengdu, China will be held together with the IDSF Grand Slam Standard on 3 July 2011 instead.

The confirmed schedule of events is as follows: 2 July 2011 - IDSF Open Standard and Latin 3 July 2011 – IDSF Grand Slam Standard and Latin Please advise your athletes accordingly.

All overseas participants will be given 2 nights hotel accommodations from 1 July to 4 July 2011. Please contact the undersigned should you encounter any problem with the change of date.

Regards Shawn Tay IDSF General Secretary Adviser,
Chengdu IDSF DanceSport Festival

ELIASCH Wolfgang, WE / 01.04.2011
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