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WDSF setzt ab 1.9.2021 die Weltrangliste fort

Die im April 2020 stillgelegte und im Ergebnis eingefrorene Weltrangliste der WDSF wird mit 1.9.2021 fortgesetzt.

Der ÖTSV erhielt am Abend des 1.9.21 folgende Mitteilung.Bitte beachten Sie auch die Ergänzung vom 4.9.21.


September 1st, 2021

Dear NMBs,
Dear Officials,
Dear Athletes,


Dear Colleagues, in April 2020 a communication was sent to all National Member Bodies regarding the WDSF Ranking System: ‘...WDSF ranking system has been paused directly after the latest WDSF event-weekend, 14-15 of March 2019...’. Due to the COVID reason the WDSF Ranking System was frozen on 16th of March 2020.

The WDSF Competition System is closely monitored by the WDSF Sports Department. In September 2021 the WDSF Calendar will have 14 WDSF events containing 86 WDSF Competitions and 8 WDSF Title Events as well. This fact denotes a strong need for relaunch of the WDSF Ranking System.

In the light of the aforementioned reasons I would like to officially announce the relaunch of the WDSF Ranking System from September 1st 2021.

In addition and according to the decision of the  WDSF Sports Commission made on May 13th 2021 I would like also to announce theimplementation of the Ranking System for the following age categories and disciplines:

These ranking systems will be implemented from September 1st and will have the same configuration as the Ranking List for Youth STD and LAT age category and disciplines: ‘...the sum of the 4 best WDSF World Ranking Tournament results during the past 12 month…’.

I believe that we are facing a recovery stage of the Covid crisis and looking forward to the restart of the WDSF Competition System.

Nenad Jeftic

WDSF Vice-President for Sport

THALLINGER Gerald, GT / 02.09.2021
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