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WDSF ID-Karten: Gebühr, eCard

Für alle nach dem 12. Juni 2017 bestellten WDSF Karten wird seitens der WDSF die neue Gebühr verrechnet. Diese beträgt für Schüler, Junioren und Jugend CHF 10 pro Jahr, für alle anderen Altersgruppen CHF 20 pro Jahr.
Ab Oktober werden die Karten auch nicht mehr produziert, sondern WDSF stellt auf eine elektronische Kartenform um. Die Bezahlung erfolgt nun durch jede Sporterin, jeden Sportler selbst elektronisch bei der Beantragung über die WDSF-Homepage.

Beantragung der eCard.


Diese Mitteilung hat uns die WDSF übermittelt:

Dear WDSF Members and Administrators,

We want to inform you about changes in the WDSF ID-Card system. Please read this message carefully as it will affect you.
The current WDSF ID-Card system has now been used successfully for 5 years and it was time to modernized it.
We present you the new WDSF eCard. Key features of the WDSF eCard are:

No more shipping of physical ID-Cards
The WDSF eCard is a mobile device app which athletes can download on to their smart-phone (iOS/Android) and activate with a code they receive when applying for a WDSF eCard.

Less paper work
The athletes have to upload all required documents directly to the WDSF eCard website. You will then have the opportunity to verify these documents on-line and either accept or deny the application as usual. No documents have to be sent to you or to the WDSF any more.

Athlete can pay the WDSF eCard fee directly to the WDSF (optional)
When athletes are applying for a new WDSF eCard or renewing it they can pay the WDSF eCard fee directly by credit card to the WDSF.
The WDSF eCard fee is valid for one (1) year starting at the date you have accepted the application or renewal. As there is no more shipping and very little processing cost involved, this year's AGM in Singapore agreed that the entire amount is paid to the WDSF, no part of the fee will remain with members.The new WDSF ID-Card fee (this includes the new WDSF eCard) was approved at the WDSF AGM 2017 and took effect immediately (July 16th, 2017). The fee was set to CHF20 for adults and Seniors. For Juvenile, Junior and Youth athletes the fee is CHF10. 

Efficient handling of athlete/couple status and transfer
The WDSF eCard is always updated automatically when you transfer an athlete to an other federation of change the status of their license or partnership. No new WDSF eCard has to be applied.

Q: When will the WDSF eCard be available
A: We will start publishing the WDSF eCard on October 1st, 2017.

Q: Will athletes with a plastic WDSF ID-Card be able to use the new WDSF eCard.
A: Yes - once we publish the WDSF eCard, all active athletes will receive an email with instructions about how to get their WDSF eCard app and activate it on their device.

Q: How will we manage the WDSF eCard applications?
A: A new section in the RLS will allow you to see all uploaded documents and either accept or deny the application. Once accepted the WDSF will verify the documents. As soon as the WDSF eCard fee is paid the WDSF eCard will be activated. We will provide more details shortly to your registered administrator.

Q: What happens to the old WDSF ID-Card system?
A: The old WDSF ID-Card system will be retired once all pending plastic WDSF ID-Cards are shipped.

Q: What if an athlete has no smart-phone?
A: The WDSF eCard app allows many licenses to be added at the same time. The athlete's coach, partner or parent can use their smart-phone to manage the license.



ELIASCH Wolfgang, WE / 24.08.2017
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